Tigress.ai &
Maintenance Contracts

The perfect companion whether you are in or
out of contract

Tigress.ai - the companion to your contract

Maintenance contracts are designed to provide you with technical support and pre-purchasing of your gas turbine spare parts as and when it is required often over a 6-year period.

Tigress.ai is totally unintrusive into any arrangements you have in place with your current supplier and sits quietly on the side-lines monitoring the operational life of your gas turbine. 

Because it offers full insight into how your turbine is operating and any problems that will arise in the future it can operate in partnership with your maintenance supplier giving both you and them advance warning of any issues enabling you to schedule their time in ahead of critical plant failure.

Tigress.ai analyses thousands of times more than conventional systems which your maintenance supplier would use.  This gives both you and them a greater insight into your gas turbine’s health so you can plan non-critical maintenance. 

Even with maintenance contract SLAs in place you would still be faced with the practical implications and pressure of a sudden turbine failure.

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Tigress.ai - the perfect replacement to your contract

Let’s start with the bottom line – How does Tigress.ai support you outside of a maintenance contract?

Your biggest enemy is uncertainty – and uncertainty ultimately leads to damaging costs if your turbine unexpectedly and suddenly fails.  Uncertainty is purely down to a lack of knowledge.  However, Tigress.ai immediately solves this by giving you the knowledge you need to predict the future ensuring you can take the necessary action long before it becomes a critical failure.


A huge cost-saving result of being able to predict the future health of your turbine is eliminating the need to buy spares six or twelve years ahead of time (which many maintenance contracts require).  Plus, Tigress.ai uses the parameters of serviceability from the OEM to identify the thresholds of acceptable normal working through to component failure.


This enables you to set your own budgets in relation to your turbine installation and let Tigress.ai provide continuous monitoring and advice.

Tigress.ai: The perfect companion (and ultimately replacement) to your gas turbine maintenance contract.