Continuous on-blade wireless thermo-sensing.

Tiger.AIE is the world's most advanced system for monitoring turbine blade temperature.  Giving you the exact temperature for turbine blades and accurate predictions on blade failure whilst increasing system efficiency.    

Sudden 'blade death' costs turbine owners millions of dollars each year

Turbine blade failure is usually sudden, dramatic and catastrophic resulting in significant internal damage and lengthy unplanned maintenance.


Optical pyrometry or invasive thermocouples in combination with tachometers has previously given turbine owners their best 'in-service' insight into turbine blade health.

However, the approach is fraught with problems; atmospheric interference, calibration errors, sensor lens interference from dust, oil, vaporised materials.  All these cause inaccurate readings and misinterpretation of the data.

Tiger.AIE solves all these issues by monitoring your turbine's thermal characteristics through sensors attached to the high-pressure rotor blade resulting in accurate blade-health and system stability.

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Our Tiger.AIE solution minimises turbine blade failure giving you three business-critical advantages.  


Delivers Definitive On-Blade Data

On-blade continuous wireless sensors provide accurate and precise data fed into our AI prediction software. 

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Predicts Failures

Tiger.AIE accurately predicts the life-span of each individual blade so you can plan your maintenance cycle and ensure minimal downtime and disruption.



Turns unplanned costly emergency maintenance into planned cost-effective maintenance and optimises assets and extends engine life

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How Tiger.AIE works

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On-blade temperature sensor fitted.

A ceramic-based 'patch' from 6-21mm and less than 1mm thick is bonded to the blade using our prioritory adhesive.

This serves as both sensor and antenna.

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Antenna 'energises' the sensor and receives data.

The antenna is located in a 'near-field' to the sensor.  The data is then received by the sensor using a principle similar to an RFID.  

Once received the data is passed on to the software.

The AI interprets and predicts each blade's health.

Tiger.AIE uses deep data analysis and predictive modelling to provide accurate interpolated data resulting in an an accurate number of days to blade maintenance.


Tiger.AIE significantly improves turbine health in
6 key ways:


Predicts Failures

Tiger.AIE tracks individual surface blade metal temperatures known to dictate blade life and, as a result, your maintenance cycle.

Our AI software then predicts blade life to within a day so you can extend the running time between maintenance cycles and reduce downtime and business cost.


Increase Energy Production

Higher gas inlet temperature increase turbine efficiently. However, this is counter-balanced by blade cooling systems which stop blade deterioration. 

Finding the most efficient balance between these two competing systems can only be achieved with accurate on-blade thermal data.

With Tiger.AIE's 'on blade' sensors you can now accurately maximise turbine efficiency whilst maintaining blade health


No More Inferred Data 

All previous turbine blade temperature assessment techniques have been inferred through either optical readings or gas temperature. 

Tiger.AIE gives you the actual temperature because the sensor is in direct contact with the blade.  Giving you accurate data from which to base your decisions.



Unlike all other blade monitoring systems which require a hard-wired solution (and often machining and drilling) Tiger.AIE is both wireless and non-invasive.  Meaning that once fitted it has no impact on the turbine's operation.


Live Rig Data

Often blade sensors are only usable on test stands. However, Tiger.AIE works as part of your turbine's daily operation.  Giving you 'real-time' and 'real-life' data second by second. 


Lengthen Turbine Life

Knowing the exact efficiency of each blade in your turbine enables you prioritise your maintenance schedule and avoid costly fail-fatal scenarios

Clear answers. Absolute predictability

Tiger.AIE works with Tigress.ai to give you two critical insights into your gas turbine.

  1. Accurate, non-inferred, reliable data of your systems to enable you to maximise turbine efficiency.

  2. Accurate predictions of component failure so you can plan and control your maintenance cycle.

In combination our systems can negate the need for a costly maintenance contract.  Such contracts exist because of the unpredictable nature of component failure which our solution negates - giving you the right information ahead of time so you take the most cost-efficient action.

Sensor Technical Data

Each of our 'on-blade' sensors can continuously withstand up to 1,200°C and has a material lifespan of 40,000 hours and an accuracy of +/- .3 - 2.5°C.

Our proprietary adhesive bonds the wireless high temperature PDC sensors to the bladed surface and is high temperature, pressure and oxidation/corrosion resistant and has the same thermal expansion co-efficient as the blade material.

Ultimately, knowing the exact condition of your turbine at all times allows you to plan accurately without risk. It drives the prevention of unplanned issues and their costs whatever it may be - a filtration issue, a pump failure or a critical blade exploding on full load – you will always be prepared.

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It’s impossible to stop your turbine from failing but we can give a window into exactly when that will occur so you can plan your maintenance with minimal impact on your business.