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Pre-Sales Questions

How quickly can be installed?

The entire system, including sensors, can be installed in about a day for most standard gas turbine installations.

How much setting up is there? (Our consultancy offer)

It takes about a day to get the system installed and there is no interruption to your business or downtime of the turbine. Once installed, there is no maintenance of the software required. (Because the system is managed from the cloud, we update the software directly onto our servers so you always have the latest version available.)

How many sensors do I need?

The first step to installing is to perform a site survey. Here we will talk to you about your turbine's installation and then define exactly how many sensors you need to correctly monitor your installed package. The site survey is included in the overal value and is at no additional cost to you. (However, each sensor is charged separately.)

What platforms does the system sit on? is completely platform independent. It can function on any device which has an internet connection. This is because the software is powered by our hyper-powered servers at various data centres across the world. So, when you run you're actually running the software on some of the fastest computing systems on the planet.

Is my data private and secure?

Absolutely. We take all security precautions to ensure our customer's data is not compromised. In addition, we anonymise all the data we analyse outside your account. (For example, will analyse multiple turbines so we can predict component failure with greater accuracy.)

Do you offer training?

Yes, and it's included in our standard installation. It usually takes a few days to train an operator and can even be done remotely. Plus, at the end of the training cycle we offer free technical support, so if you ever need help, we're right here to assist you.

After Sales Care

How long does it take to predict each system component

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I have and need technical support

If you are already running and need help, please contact our technical support team on XXXX XXX XXX