How works

The software sits on any internet-enabled device or workstation and is connected to numerous sensors which feed thousands of data each second. 

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Remote sensing

Some of sensors uses already exist in your turbine system (for example, oil bearing temperature, oil bearing pressure, interduct temperature, etc). Others can be added to extend the system’s range, predicting failures of other components such as, compressor efficiency, compressor temperature deviation, etc.


Each sensor is connected via Wi-Fi, but some can also be connected using physical cabling. Each sensor sends thousands of pieces of data each hour (far in excess of the 50 in normal systems).

Interpreting the data

A standard installation comes with approximately 50 thermocouples, temperature and pressure sensors, but more can be easily added as you need them.

As soon as starts receiving data it will begin to paint a picture of each part of the turbine installation's health. It will know what, when and why your equipment will fail - in advance.

Here's how that works: uses AI models specific to each question that needs to be answered - monitoring, prediction and optimisation. We have made the models easy to create using simple drop-down menus which lead the you through a series of questions to answer the problem.

Once a model is built and submitted to the system, looks at thousands of different ways in which it can provide a solution and responds with a "degree of confidence" that can be achieved to solve this particular problem based on the model parameters and the amount and type of information available.


Once the model is under production, a dashboard is built automatically to display the outputs in real-time. You can customise the dashboard and alerts can be set up to warn in case of any deviations or other changes in the system.

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Putting you in control

And because is online you can view the data on any device including your tablet and phone giving you complete control whenever you need it, wherever you are