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Do I still need a maintenance contract?

There is a strong argument to say that Tigress.ai gives you enough advance warning of component failure along the energy production envelope that you don't need to pay for a maintenance contract. Instead you simply need to have a supplier in place who can source replacement components and, if necessary, fit them. This means that Tigress.ai could save you tens of thousands of dollars on unnecessary maintenance contracts - replaced by the mathematical certainty of Tigress.ai's prediction engine.

How is Tigress.ai licensed?

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Our turbine has been fine up to know so why do I need Tigress.ai?

At some point your turbine will fail. It is an unfortunate inevitability of all machinery, especially highly sophisticated engineering placed under continual extremes of stress. So, the question is not "if" but "when". If you don't know what is going to fail and when your business is exposed. The turbine could be down for a day or a month depending on the severity of the failure and your ability to find spare parts and trained fitters. Plus, the consequential loss to your business could be enormous. Tigress.ai removes that uncertainty and gives you ample time to identify, plan and react to any failure of your gas turbine system.

Does Tigress.ai impact on my manufacturer's maintenance contract?

No, not at all. Tigress.ai only observes what is happening in your turbine plant. It is a completely passive system and in no way interferes with the operation of the turbine.

We already have an in-house data scientist

Tigress.ai is designed to complement humans, not replace them. Tigress.ai gives data scientists additional insights into the system through its comprehensive interface. Plus, it analyses thousands of data points each second and it does this 24/7 something which its human counterpart cannot do.

How accurate are the predictions?

The the AI models Tigress.ai uses provide a very early deviation or Time to Failure (TTF) indication to you in the form of a histogram of contributing factors and root causes that are causing the change to operating conditions. This is typically well before any condition monitoring or SCADA/DCS type system picks up these deviations.

If failure data is available in the historical data, then reasonably accurate TTF is provided so you can mitigate the problem by either bypassing, swapping, getting ready to repair, etc. This type of information allows technicians and SME's to quickly decide on the way forward.

Typically, we do not prescribe the cause of a failure but rather provide excellent information that allows you to drill down and confirm the failure/deviation mode and respond appropriately to save an unpredicted shutdown or failure.