About Tiger Power

Our CEO Alan Hawkins has spent his life dedicated to the maintenance and repair of gas turbines.

A world first for
gas turbines

The single biggest point of failure in your production capability is your gas turbine.  Without it there is no power and no production.

At one extreme, a gas turbine can critically fail with no warning resulting in costly shutdowns that could last weeks or even months.

At the other end costly components which were perfectly serviceable can be replaced simply because the maintenance schedule required it - not because it was necessary.

Alan always knew there was a better way and that culminated in Tigress.ai, the world's first predictive software aimed exclusively for the gas turbines market.

Tigress Abstract 5.jpg

The power of AI

Tiger Power is led by our CEO Alan Hawkins who grew his Lincoln-based Turbine Efficiency company into a multi-million-pound enterprise before founding Tiger Power.

"I had long been interested in how artificial intelligence could be used to predict component failure in systems. My partnership with VROC led me to the development of Tigress.ai which I believe is the pinnacle of how AI can be used in turbine driven systems to reduce cost, maintain the highest system up-times and minimise maintenance caused outages."

Tiger Power released Tigress.ai into the wild on 1st October 2021.