Accurately predicting turbine system failure so you can avoid costly unplanned maintenance

Tigress.ai is an artificial intelligence software system
that analyses millions of data points from sensors on
your turbine installation and predicts system failures
long before conventional techniques can.

Every Turbine Fails

It's a fact that every turbine will, at some point need to be shut down for either planned or (worse case) unplanned maintenance.

You need to know two things:

1. What will fail

2. When it will fail

Knowing that with certainty will enable you to effectively plan your maintenance cycle and avoid the costly, painful experience associated with an emergency stop.

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Our Tigress.ai solution minimises turbine downtime
giving you three business-critical advantages:


Predicts Failures

It accurately predicts failures of complete turbine installations significantly in advance of breakdown.

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Identifies Problems

Identifies problems with components long before conventional sensors even detect a problem.



Turns unplanned costly emergency maintenance into planned cost-effective maintenance

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Tigress.ai dramatically reduces cost in 6 key ways:


Predicts Failures

Tigress.ai will carry out risk analysis, defining assets at risk of failure and will then identify the need for a maintenance recovery plan.


Deep Analysis

Tigress.ai analyses gas turbines operating at every level from individual units to entire fleets and entire geographical locations so comparisons can be made, making predictions more reliable.

Put simply, if ten similar turbines are exhibiting the same problem after 5 years, Tigress.ai will know that yours will too.


Prioritises Work

Tigress.ai prioritises maintenance processes and
initiates maintenance activities within existing
work order management systems.


Minimise Downtime

Tigress.ai minimises gas turbine downtime through early identification of issues and their resolution particularly in the case of high-risk situations.


Streamline Effort

Tigress.ai can streamline your workflows by
defining issues before they become critical
enabling planners to bundle high priority


Optimises Assets

Tigress.ai can help you make asset replacement
decisions by giving you a risk management
score for each of your data points.

Clear answers. Absolute predictability

Tigress.ai removes the guesswork from your maintenance cycle by warning you of failures in advance of any other system.

It gives you certainty so you can plan for minimal downtime and maximum cost savings including:

  1. Certainty of serviceability

  2. Certainty of actual useful service life left

  3. Certainty on when the expensive costs

  4. of a major overhaul must be met

  5. Certainty of the need to take that

  6. expensive gas turbine out of service

Our predictive maintenance software is your window into the future – where we can predict what, when and why the equipment will fail, long before it happens.


Tigress.ai will find the point at which you need the maintenance (at least one hour before failure). It will then seek out the maintenance sweet spot, i.e. the best balance between avoiding component failure, minimising the number of parts needing servicing and minimising downtime. Thus, finding the most efficient operating settings to reduce material and power costs.

Plus it’s scalable from a single individual asset to an entire enterprise allowing you to spend less time analysing data and more time acting on it.

Ultimately, knowing the exact condition of your turbine at all times allows you to plan accurately without risk. It drives the prevention of unplanned issues and their costs whatever it may be - a filtration issue, a pump failure or a critical blade exploding on full load – you will always be prepared.





It’s impossible to stop your turbine from failing but we can give a window into exactly when that will occur so you can plan your maintenance with minimal impact on your business.